What if those monster stories you heard as a kid were true... but we got them all wrong?

Developed by award-winning studio OKAM Studios, The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizza Boy transforms the graphic novel series published by Dark Horse Comics into an all new point-and click adventure.
Put yourself in the shoes of Eurico, an ex-pizza delivery guy and unpaid apprentice of legendary occult detective Dog Mendonça, as you uncover the mysteries of Lisbon’s supernatural underworld. When monsters that live secretly side by side with humans start disappearing it’s up to Eurico and his crack team of paranormal detectives to uncover the truth. Unravel one of the greatest conspiracies of our time, save the day and maybe even cash in that well deserved check!
In Eurico's perilous quest for answers you’ll explore gorgeous hand-drawn environments faithfully recreated from the original comics, whilst greeting an array of classical monsters (discovering why each and every one of them hates you). Grab your detective hat and start solving other-worldly puzzles while poking-and-prodding a host supernatural items!
Key features

32-bit patch support
Please download the patch for 32-bit support on Windows Operating Systems here. This update is only required for the retail PC disk version of "The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizza Boy". This patch is not required for the Steam or GOG versions of the game.


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